Digital Miter Saw Fence

Animated automatic saw stop block and fence for miter saw station

Upgrade Your Workshop with the Best Digital Miter Saw Fence

When precision matters, choose our Digital Miter Saw Fence for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Perfect for miter saws, chop saws, and mitre saws, this automated stop block ensures exact cuts every time.

Why Choose Our Digital Miter Saw Fence?

  • Easy Installation: Quick setup with minimal effort.
  • Simple Calibration: Calibrate effortlessly for perfect cuts.
  • Industrial-Grade Touch Screen: Operable with gloves and under bright sunlight.
  • Safety First: 24V DC operating voltage and emergency stop feature.
  • Smart Position Guard

How to Use Our Automatic Miter Saw Fence:

  1. Switch ON the Device
  2. Press the HOME Button
  3. Enter your desired length and press ENTER.
  4. Enjoy precise cuts without the hassle.

No special knowledge required. It’s that simple!

Customizable Options:

  • Available 2.5 meters or 3.7 meters
  • Choose left or right configurations.
  • Need something custom? Contact Us!

Pricing and Delivery

  • 3.7 meters: 1895,- EUR
  • 2.5 meters: 1695,- EUR
  • Free EU shipping. Contact Us for international shipping options.

Reliable and Durable:

Our digital stop block for miter saws is designed for user-friendly operation, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.

Ready to make precise cuts effortlessly?


The digital miter saw fence or automated length stop for a miter or chop saw is a precision tool designed to ensure consistent and accurate cuts. It integrates with your miter saw to automate the measurement process, reducing manual adjustments and enhancing productivity in workshops.

The measuring system includes a digital readout and a motorized stop block that moves to the exact length specified. Users input their desired length via a digital interface, and the stop block automatically positions itself. This ensures precise cuts every time, streamlining repetitive cutting tasks and improving overall efficiency.

The Digital Miter Saw Gauge is highly versatile, making it an invaluable tool across various industries. In PVC window and door manufacturing, it ensures precise cuts for frames. Furniture makers benefit from consistent cuts for cabinets and other pieces. Stair and railing manufacturers use it for accurate tread and railing lengths. It's essential in construction for cutting components for houses and facades, and in garden product manufacturing for items like sheds and pergolas. The automatic miter saw stop is also ideal for blinds and shutters, industrial manufacturing, outdoor advertising, material suppliers, carpentry, partitions, and gates and fences. This automatic tool enhances precision and efficiency, making it a crucial addition to any workshop.

Integrating an digital fence and stop block into a miter saw station, whether building new or upgrading, is straightforward. It can be positioned on the left or right side of the saw. The bottom of the fence features a B-type slot, allowing a nut to be inserted and fixed to the table or roller conveyor. This secure attachment ensures stability and precision.

When selecting the appropriate length for your automated saw fence, consider both the actual and working lengths.

  • Dead Zone: Remember that there is a dead zone (minimal distance from the saw blade to the stop block). It depends on your miter saw and installation distance, usually between 400 - 500 mm.
  • Actual Length: The total physical length of the digital miter saw measuring system.
  • Working Range: The effective range you can use for cutting materials.

For instance, if you choose the 2.5-meter model and your installation distance from the saw blade is 450 mm, your cutting range will be from 450 mm to 2650 mm. This range is calculated by adding the working range of 2200 mm to the installation distance. This setup ensures you can cut lengths from the installation distance up to the total working range efficiently.

Consider Your Most Common Cuts

When choosing the length, think about the sizes you cut most of the time, like 90% of your cuts. If you rarely need to cut something larger, you can temporarily remove the stop block and cut manually. For smaller cuts, you can use a spacer. For example, if you need to cut something 250 mm long but the minimal length is 450 mm, you can use a 1000 mm spacer. Enter 1250 mm (the piece you want plus the spacer), place the spacer against the stop block, and cut.

Available Lengths:

2.5 meters:

  • Total Length: 2527 mm
  • Working Range: 2200 mm

3.7 meters:

  • Total Length: 3707 mm
  • Working Range: 3380 mm

Yes, the digital miter saw fence is designed with several safety features:

  1. Smooth Operation: The stop block starts slowly and runs smoothly, avoiding aggressive motions.
  2. Finger Safety: A gap is left between the stop block and motor enclosure, large enough to prevent finger injuries even if fingers are in the way.
  3. Safe Power: The stop block’s power is greater when holding its position rather than during motion. If it hits something, it won't cause damage.
  4. Emergency Stop: An emergency stop button is available on the display for quick halts.
  5. Low Voltage Operation: Operates safely at 24V, with a power adapter available.

You can enter measurements in millimeters with one decimal place. The precision of the digital miter saw fence is +/- 0.1 mm. To achieve this high level of accuracy, special actions are taken to minimize mechanical backlash.

If you accidentally hit the stop block with your material, don't worry. The system is designed to handle such situations effectively.

  1. Holding Power: The stop block has sufficient holding power to maintain its position even when bumped.
  2. Smart Position Guard: This feature monitors the actual position of the stop block. If the position changes by more than 0.1 mm, the system boosts the power to return it to the correct position. This ensures always precise positioning and low energy consumption, as power is only increased when necessary.

For example, if you place your workpiece against the stop block, the Smart Position Guard detects it and boosts the holding power to maintain the position. If no movement is detected, the power is reduced to conserve energy.

The digital miter saw fence is proudly manufactured in Europe, specifically in Latvia. Utilizing high-quality parts and advanced electronics, it is designed with a deep understanding of the needs in woodworking. Our background in manufacturing wooden products ensures that the fence is both simple and reliable, providing a robust tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


  • Free EU Shipping: Enjoy complimentary shipping across the European Union.
  • International Shipping: Available upon request. The buyer is responsible for customs duties and related charges.


  • Accepted Method: Currently, we accept only bank transfers.

Our digital miter saw fence comes with a comprehensive warranty:

  • For Personal Use: 2-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.
  • For Business Use: 1-year warranty under the same conditions.

If a defect arises during the warranty period, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. To make a claim, please contact us for further instructions. For more details, please refer to our Refund and Returns Policy.

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