Digital Miter Saw Fence

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Product Overview:
Our Automated Precision Length Stop System is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for your cutting needs. This system is perfect for industrial applications where precision and efficiency are paramount.

Key Features:

High Precision: Equipped with an encoder and stepper motor, our system guarantees precise positioning and repeatability.
User-Friendly Interface: The 4.3-inch  resistive touchscreen provides an intuitive interface for easy operation.
Homing and Calibration: Simple homing and calibration processes ensure that the system is always accurate and ready for use.
Safety Features: An emergency stop option is available on the screen, ensuring safety during operation.


Ideal for woodworking, metalworking, and other industrial applications requiring precise length stops.
Suitable for use in workshops, factories, and manufacturing plants.

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Left, Right


2.5 m, 3.7 m

Digital Miter Saw Fence
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